San Antonio Food Bank’s Mobile Mercado offering healthy and affordable food options this holiday season

SAN ANTONIO – If you are looking for healthy and affordable food options this holiday season, there’s a food truck you might want to check out.

The San Antonio Food Bank’s Mobile Mercado is bringing residents who live in food deserts access to free fruits and vegetables and other healthy foods at affordable prices.

“We do try to target areas that are considered food insecure or food deserts, low-income areas because they don’t have available access to getting healthy foods at low cost,” said Monica Estrada, the Nutrition Education Coordinator.

At every Mobile Mercado location, there’s also a nutritionist who can make tasty meals with healthy ingredients found in the truck.

“We want them to learn how to incorporate those fruits and vegetables that they’re getting from the Mercado into their everyday meals for themselves and their families,” Estrada said.

The Mobile Mercado stations at University Health System’s parking lot on West Martin Street on Tuesdays and travels to other locations throughout the week.


“It’s tight for everybody right now, just with everything going on. So, the prices are increasing in some places as well. So, it really, really helps everybody in the community with all of their needs,” Estrada said.

To view the schedule or to learn more, click here.

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