Radio Diary: A Beloved Grandmother’s Present Of A Superior Existence

Cozy Etta Bryant constructed a lifestyle and a nest egg for herself and her family, all when navigating the racism of 20th century The us.

Bryant was born in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, the daughter of a
 sharecropper. She moved north in the 1940s to escape the economic and social oppression of the Jim Crow south, bundling 3 kids and an toddler into a box prepare headed for Chicago.

When they turned a single of the 1st households to acquire a house in a typically white community on the South Facet, they were greeted with threats and assaults from resentful white neighbors.

“What they had to go by means of to live was certainly incredible,” says Adrienne Samuels Gibbs, Bryant’s granddaughter. “But they produced it.”

Bryant, despite hardly ever obtaining schooling outside of 8th grade, was capable to preserve adequate throughout her lifetime performing as a lunch girl to support her kids, and their young children, show up at university.

“She was just satisfied that we were being thriving and we experienced the decision to do what we preferred to do, and not have to do what anyone instructed us to do,” Gibbs claims.

Following weathering decades of racism and a fight with breast most cancers, Bryant died very last month at age 94 from COVID-19, a disease that
disproportionately effects people of coloration.

Gibbs miracles if, devoid of the sorts of lifelong health and fitness disparities Black People encounter, her grandmother may possibly even now be alive.

“I surprise, if we did not have the structural inequities that led to lousy water, bad air, meals deserts, diabetes, and hard obtain to health-related treatment that is not affected by racism, how a great deal for a longer period could she have lived?”

Her legacy, even though, life on in Gibbs, and in the life led by the family that cherished her. But Gibbs claims there’s more work to be done.

“She arrived up listed here to have a superior existence. And we have obtained to make it improved,” she says. “We are not finished.”

In this diary … we listen to from:

Adrienne Samuels Gibbs, characteristics editor at
ZORA magazine and for
Momentum, two Medium publications. (

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