So video game theory started out back again in April 2011, then 4 several years later on in June 2015 film principle was created. Now soon after a further 5 a long time, just two months ago in July, food items idea was manufactured. Seems MatPat likes to wait around some years right before introducing a new channel. In any case the emblem for just about every channel is symbolized by what would be a light-weight on a controller depicting what participant the controller holder is. Recreation idea (inexperienced), Movie concept (crimson), and Food stuff idea (yellow) are 1st, 2nd, and 3rd gamers respectively. So that indicates we need to see a person extra channel to full the 4 (there technically is a 4th channel GTLive but that 1 doesn’t rely). This hypothetical 4th channel will almost certainly be blue but I am curious what you imagine the channel will have theories of. There are a selection of matters the 4th channel could be. A fairly apparent a single would be guides. It follows the Match and Film topic of shopper leisure but Foods theory kinda proves that the Theorists series can relate to nearly anything with myths but we are going to depart that one particular on the desk for now. The theories are inclined to be light-weight and relatively comical so I doubt it would take on actual conspiracy theories like moon landing currently being faked. Science idea is feasible but I assume persons like Again Yard Scientist, Cody’s Lab, Elecroboom, and Mark Rober already have that protected. So what could be entertaining, gentle, generates sufficient theories but still fascinating to an viewers? My guess is World-wide-web Concept. The world-wide-web is so significant there are a ton of unique matters to pick from. There’s only 1 smaller challenge. All the other channels are primarily based of a 4 letter, 1 syllable phrase. I’m not absolutely sure if this is intentional or just a coincidence but if it intentional, possibly he will be accomplishing a book theory just after all. It matches the rule of 4 letters 1 syllable, and he wouldn’t have to do just text on a webpage. He could contact on manga, comedian publications, children’s textbooks, and so on. but we possibly will not know for a couple of decades now


Match Theory followers, what do you imagine the 4th channel will be?