Ever so often a cultural force grabs America by the neck and does not let go. The chicken noodle soup dance and song could be the next silent assassin in the night, waiting to take the spot. As its popularity grows, chicken noodle soup could become the next big thing on America’s pop culture landscape.

You may ask what the chicken noodle soup dance is ? The chicken noodle soup dance originated in Harlem, New York and started out as a street dance done by young urbanites. An accompanying song was released and this birthed the dance craze for 2006. The song by Webstar and Young B has placed more attention on the dance as it catchy lyrics and simplified chorus has infected the radio airwaves of America.

The chicken noodle soup dance can be done in many different ways as each dancer adds their own personal flair to it. The basic steps in the dance begin with dancers following the initial lyrics from the accompanying song. “Let it rain and clear it out” When this is said dancers bring their hands down like the rain is falling, then they clear out whoever is beside them by doing a sweeping action with their hands. This is done three times before Webstar sings “Chicken noodle soup”. At this point the chicken noodle soup dance begins. This is the side to side movements of the legs followed by the flailing of the arms to match the corresponding feet movement. As mentioned before, personal style is incorporated a lot into the dance. You have people who spin, jump and create sheer havoc with this dance.

The chicken noodle soup however has it detractors. There are many people in the black community who feel that the chicken noodle soup dance is nothing more than the 2006 version of shucking and jiving. They feel as if this dance is a step backward.

The Chicken noodle soup might possibly infiltrate American popular for 2007. The suburbs has slowly caught on and as the song gets bigger and bigger, it can be guaranteed that soccer moms and wall street executives will be chicken noodle souping at their various parties and social events.

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