4 Things You didnt Know About Emerald Rings

Emerald ring in yellow gold | KLENOTA

If you are out there looking for an emerald ring, it can be extremely difficult to find the right one for you. With all the different materials, cuts and designs it isn’t easy finding the one that suits you the best. Emerald rings are becoming more popular in recent years but not many people know much about them so in this article we will let you know some useful facts to help you decide.

Emeralds Are Not “Too Soft”

Do Emeralds Scratch Easily?

Emeralds are pretty scratch resistant with them being around 7.5 – 8 on the hardness scale from Mohs. This means that they are great for everyday wear which makes them ideal as engagement rings as well as dress up rings. You can also find some beautiful Art Deco engagement rings which also contain emeralds. With emeralds being a type III stone, it means that it is expected to have inclusions within the stone. When purchasing an emerald, make sure that the inclusions are not reaching the surface as this can cause the stone to chip. 

Emeralds Can Be Eye-Clean

Are Real Emeralds Cloudy?

Real emeralds are cloudy due to them having many inclusions in them causing them to look cloudy. Very high-quality emerald rings can be eye-clean but when looking for vintage emerald rings, you will find they might have some inclusions in them. Another method of having an eye-clean emerald is by choosing a lab-grown emerald. These use the same minerals as a natural emerald, they are just cleaner to look at and more durable due to fewer inclusions. Eye-clean emeralds are sparklier but they won’t be like diamonds as they have a much higher refractive index. Emeralds have an index of 1.566 – 1.600 whereas a diamond is 2.42. 

High-Quality Emeralds Are Rarer Than Diamonds

High quality, eye clean diamonds are much rarer than diamonds as it takes around X 2.5 more rock to find a high-quality emerald than it does to find a diamond with the same spec. So when you pick an emerald for an engagement ring, you can tell them that. 

Natural Emeralds Are Oiled For Beauty

Due to emeralds having inclusions, the stone will be oiled once cut so that it makes the inclusions less noticeable and the green greener on natural stones. This is completely normal, Sapphires are heated also. 

How Can I Clean An Emerald Ring?

Due to emeralds being oiled, natural emeralds can only be cleaned with warm soapy water and a soft toothbrush. If you use ultrasonic or a steam cleaner, this will remove the layer of oil and potentially make the emerald look dull. If you have managed to remove the oil, not to worry, you will need to go to a reputable jeweller to get it re-oiled. Do not try this yourself unless expertly trained.

If you have a lab-grown emerald, this can be cleaned by hand or with ultrasonic as there is no oil being used due to the stone having little to no inclusions.