Types of Diamond Ring Settings You Need to Know

An engagement ring is simply a precious gemstone ring meant for engagement, particularly in Western societies today. An engagement ring is typically presented by a concerned partner to their future partner immediately after the proposal of marriage or even directly following the marriage proposal. When you’re giving this ring, it will be one of the main attractions of the occasion. And while many men want to present their partners with this ring, the overwhelming majority of women prefer it to the man, primarily because the stone is so large and a symbol of love and commitment.

Suppose you’re a man and you’re considering buying the best diamond rings for engagement for your potential partner. In that case, you may be torn between two types of gold rings to choose from – white gold and yellow diamond engagement rings. It would have been unwise to wear white gold engagement rings in the past because of their tendency to tarnish. Nowadays, however, more people are turning to yellow diamond engagement rings as a viable alternative. This is because yellow diamonds are now considered stylish and appealing as other types of diamonds while still being very durable.

Shape, Size, Weight And Carat

As previously mentioned, diamond rings are generally available in different shapes, sizes, weights, and carat weights. You should remember that when choosing a diamond ring, you should look at all the qualities of that particular diamond ring before selecting a carat weight and set size. One of the most important things you have to consider is the four C’s in choosing diamond rings. These are cut color, clarity, and carat. Here are some tips on choosing diamond rings with these four C’s:


The first thing you have to do is decide which shape you prefer when buying diamond rings. There are different kinds of cuts you can choose from, including princess, square, round, oval, heart, marquise, and trillion. Some of the most common selected shapes by couples are round, emerald, marquise, and oval. Some prefer different C’s in their engagement rings aside from the cut. For example, couples who like a wider diamond ring may opt for a large pave or bezel, which gives more expansive views of the diamond.


Pink and white diamonds are considered to be very bright and dazzling in looks. Hence, they are often used in engagement rings. However, if you want to add more mystery and brilliance to your ring, you can opt for colored diamonds. Diamonds come in different shades such as yellow, blue, brown, and green, among others.


Although colorless and transparent diamonds are gorgeous, they are complicated to look for. This is because different kinds of minerals or zirconium have different colors. Thus, it is tough to determine the clarity of diamond rings. You can check out the diamond rings that sparkle and shine, which usually give the impression that there are no flaws in the ring settings. The sparkle is generally caused by naturally occurring minerals.