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Buckle up toddlers – these Soft Banana Cookies are going to be your favorite treat. Bonus: parents love them too (speaking from experience!)

Soft Banana Cookies from (@whatsgabycookin)

Listen, I’m currently on a quest to make sure Poppy has a VERY developed palate by the time she gets to kindergarten and so far, it’s going great! The girl will eat just about everything I put in front of her with the exception of lettuce. Nothing is off limits. She’ll eat any kind of protein, loves veggies in all shapes and sizes, will put DOWN a bowl of pasta, lives for rice, avocado is her best friend… you name it. I’m also not shying away from a treat every now and then! I want her to know what all flavors taste like and that includes sugar!

Listen, do I give her a cookie at every meal… absolutely not. But if Thomas and I are having dessert at a restaurant, I let her have some! If there are cookies on the counter, I’ll break off a piece for her. And these Soft Banana Cookies are some of her absolute favorite. Plus they’re loaded with all sorts of great ingredients so I feel good giving her the entire cookie and letting her go to town!

Recipe is below, per usual! Feel free to make it your own. Sub out a different nut butter if you prefer. Add some chopped dried fruit if you want. It’s a great base recipe that you can prep ahead, stock in the freezer, and let come to room temp before serving!

Soft Banana Cookies from (@whatsgabycookin)

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