Pellet Grill Easter Recipes – Or Whatever You Do


Easter is here and it is time to get cooking! Fire up the pellet grill and save some space on your stove and in your oven for the most epic Easter feast yet!

Pellet Grill Easter Recipes

I love Easter dinner, and when we host I try and make as much of it as I can on our pellet grills. Not only do I prefer cooking outside, especially in the non-Winter months, but it also allows more room in my kitchen for non-cooking activities like mixing mimosas and eating appetizers.

Whether this is your first time hosting Easter dinner or you are a seasoned pro, you’ll find something for everyone on our Easter menu!

Side Dishes

All the best sides, and all able to be made on the grill! (You can totally use the oven though too, if your grill is full of your main dish stuff.)


Okay so these aren’t ALL made on the Traeger but you’ll forgive me, right?


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