Healthy Homemade Dog Food Recipes – The Ingredients Are Important


As a pet owner you are concerned as to what ingredients are contained within the commercial dog food that they eat. In fact a number of foods have recently been recalled because of this issue and although convenient are not the best option for your dog. The far majority of these types of dog foods are made up using fillers, artificial colors and unnatural flavors along with meat which is of a substandard compared to what we would eat. In some cases the meat may even have come from a country where they do not have any regulations relating to the processing of such products. So if you are at all worried about the health of your dog then why not think about making healthy homemade dog food for them instead.

Actually making homemade dog food is much easier than you would first have imagined. To start with before you actually go looking for recipes you need to discuss it with your vet. In many cases they can provide you with some guidelines relating to the right quantities of ingredients that you need to include with the dog’s food. A good balanced healthy dog food should contain sufficient amounts of meat, vegetables and grains in them. You may even find that they can offer you nutritional guidelines which you can follow in relation to the breed of dog that you own.

After you have been provided with this information by your vet, you can now start to look for recipes to try out. You can either go to your local pet store, bookstore or library to see if they have any books that you can use or you can go online and get some of the many free ones. However, if you are going to use the ones that you find online then you need to make sure that they ingredients they contain are healthy but will provide the right balance of nutrition that your dog needs.

Once you have found some recipes for trying out on your dog, you now need to go out and get the ingredients to make them with. Ideally go for as good as quality ingredients as you can easily afford as this will ensure that the food is not only healthy, but also contains the right kinds of nutrients that your pet needs. If you can select the same kinds of ingredients as you would use for yourself when preparing a meal for your family. Also it is important that you avoid using foods which have been processed as these will lack the nutrients that your pet needs.

When shopping for these ingredients it is wise to spend time looking at what is available and comparing everything. Often people will use the much cheaper cuts of meat in the butchers to make up meals for their dogs. But if you want why not tell the butcher what you need exactly and he may offer some cuts that he would not normally sell and these could cost you even less.

Actually preparing and cooking homemade dog food is actually much easier than you would have first thought. What you can do in order to save yourself some time is as you prepare a meal for your family you prepare a large batch of the dog’s as well. Then once ready it can be placed in a clearly marked container in the fridge or freezer and removed when required.

It is a good idea to prepare and cook large amounts of your dog’s food on either a weekly or monthly basis. Not only will this save you time as you will not have to get and prepare fresh ingredients each day, but it can also save you money as well. So if you carefully plan out which recipes you are going to cook and when it will make the whole process of producing healthy homemade dog food much easier.

If you want to be sure that your dog is eating properly, then investing some time and effort into using homemade dog food recipes will ensure this. But it is important that you remember to use only the best quality ingredients that you can in the food that you prepare. Also it is important that you feed your dog regularly on these recipes and if at all possible avoid commercial dog foods altogether. After a while you will start to see changes in your dog not only in his health, but also he will often have increased energy levels as well. These are things which you may not see until you start feeding the on homemade dog food which have prepared using recipes that you have found.

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