Culinary student at Allan Hancock College offers creative recipes at Food Share Distribution for those in need


SANTA MARIA, Calif. – Patrica Hayden commenced cooking for the weekly Foods Share Distribution at Allan Hancock Faculty in Santa Maria.

“I’m listed here having food items that we get for free of charge and I convert it into recipes so
that way the college students know how to use the food stuff,” explained Hayden.

The culinary student of Allan Hancock School is kicking the method up a notch.

She is a member of the Diet and Wellness Club, and is making an attempt to provide recipe tips to pupils.

“I constantly see learners not in a position to use the meals. They’re always questioning
what is this what is that. The concept came to me that we could show them how to
use those make alternatively of just declaring listed here I hope you eat it,” mentioned Hayden.

“I consider it is pretty thoughtful and some folks never know how to cook dinner and it
can help every person in every way and it’s healthy and it flavor good,” said university student Alejandro Rodriguez of Allan Hancock College or university.

Hayden says for some students the samples are serving as their meal for
the day.

“Preparing wholesome meals for students … it is totally astounding … it’s these
a good chance for new students to come and attempt out unique types of
foods,” mentioned pupil ambassador Isriel Cambronero of Allan Hancock College.

By applying the foodstuff offered at the free food share for new recipes, Hayden
hopes extra learners will understand about nutritious dwelling.

“I’m trying out 1 of the rice and beans that she’s designed … it’s wonderful. I
love it it’s actually actually excellent,” stated Cambronero.

“My hope is that college students will choose this and progress with it in upcoming
semesters and then it keeps likely mainly because it gets an out access to the
group so persons know what to do with their food items,” stated Hayden.

Hayden ideas to continue serving imaginative foods following semester.


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