How to style it yourself

Dian S. Hicks

TikTok isn’t just about watching and learning the newest dance crazes. The social media app is also becoming the hottest place for all types of trends – especially summer fashion

Users across the globe are combatting their isolation amid the coronavirus pandemic by creating short dances, lip syncing or comedy videos on the short-form video app, and they’re introducing us to some new outfit possibilities while reviving trends. Whether you’re aiming for a casual outfit or you’re trying to dress things up, celebrities are here for inspiration as they put their own spin on the latest looks on TikTok and Instagram.

We rounded up the biggest summer fashion trends we’re seeing on social media, including expert suggestions of what to wear, how to style the pieces and where you can purchase the looks. 

Straw hats

Who’s wearing it: Straw hats are the latest accessories for celebrity moms. Kristen

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