The Qualities of Amaretto Flavored Tea


Those tea drinkers who have a fascination for the taste of almonds will surely enjoy Amaretto flavored tea. There is no denying that Amaretto flavored tea has a unique taste that provides a silken touch to the palate. The rich brew also makes Amaretto flavored tea an unbeatable choice for an after-dinner sip or an iced Amaretto flavored tea as a thirst quencher on a hot afternoon.

Tea addicts will tell you that Amaretto flavored tea with the smooth almond taste is heady without the effects of the alcohol. It has a pleasant feel in the mouth and is a wonderful way to finish off ones dinner. This amber-red liqueur is enjoyable in all its many forms and there can be no two opinions on that. One can find this Amaretto almond tea at specialty tea shops, gourmet food stores and in many departmental stores and supermarkets. This tempting Amaretto brew is available in different forms including black, green and herbal tea varieties. As stated earlier, what makes this tea so distinctly different is the gentle almond flavor and soothing aroma.

Amaretto flavored tea also adds a refreshing, unique flavor when used in adult drinks and with liquor. You can experiment Amaretto tea with your drink recipes and add tropical beverages. Amaretto means ‘little bitter’ in Italian. While they were having their romantic interlude, the young woman created an almond-flavored liqueur and called it “Amaretto” as a romantic gift for her lover. It is interesting to know that the almond flavor associated with Amaretto tea comes from apricot stones, or pits. The original drink was probably made from grape brandy in which apricot stones were left to soak, or infuse. It however is not clear whether Amaretto became popular through accident or by intent.

There are many different ways to enjoy hot or iced Amaretto tea. Adding flavored honey sticks, amaretto syrup or sugar cubes will produce a delicious brew. You may even add a touch of milk or cream for extra smoothness and to enrich taste. You can add a portion of fruit juice with freshly brewed Amaretto tea to create an unusual delight. Alternately, if you prefer to use Amaretto liqueur, you can mix it with brewed tea of any kind and top with whipped cream for a special treat. Amaretto tea offers a tremendous amount of versatility and enjoyment to suit every individual preference.

You can straightaway buy green and black teas with Amaretto flavoring from local outlets. This comes in handy if you sometimes like to disguise the grassy flavor of green tea. Most people frequently buy syrups to add flavors to the usual tea. You can add the syrup directly to the teapot, for an ultra-fresh and delicious Amaretto flavored tea. Being creative with tea is provides a lot of enjoyment and drinking Amaretto flavored tea is an exciting alternative to the usual tastes and flavors of traditional teas.

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