Find authentic Mexican food at this local truck




Chefs Ramiro and Jill Casaneda were our second featured guests of food frenzy week earlier today, showing us authentic recipes straight out of Mexico! 

From Iguana, Mexico, Chef Ramiro Casaneda doesn’t just view food as food; for him it’s a vehicle to connect with his culture and heritage. Teaching his children about food and how to cook is very important to him, and he and his wife Jill enjoy serving and sharing their culture through their cooking at Mr. C’s Tacos with the Salt Lake community.  

First opening their business a year ago, they have grown a large fan base in the community and are infamous for their ceviche, a traditional seafood dish, Chef Jill Casaneda said. She shared with us some of his favorite dishes, including a carne asada burrito, their famous ceviche and tacos.  

You can connect with Chefs Ramiro and Jill Casaneda on social media under the handle @mr.c_tacos 

You can learn more about the couple and where to find them on the website and you can connect with Spice Kitchen on Instagram and Facebook at @spicekitchenincubator 

Mr. C’s Tacos can also be found at 876 East 800 South Salt Lake City.  


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